Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A holiday opportunity to really enjoy yourself and others.

         Ah yes, this is the season when much time is spent with family and friends. As much joy as this brings I noticed how often the groups I am with begin an age old ritual of joining together to laugh . . .at someone else! Bashing the one member of the group or family that is not present is essential. But, it could be a political joining together. And boy that can be an ugly experience. Or it could be just a lighthearted rancor at the unpopular football team being watched.

        When I realized I was often laughing at a truly funny joke, but it was at someone else’s expense I began analyzing what was going on. So, I went back to all those years studying and teaching “A Course in Miracles” to understand this insidiously compelling need we all see to have, and might I say, enjoy? That brought me to a section I wrote in “Sacred Steps” on opening the heart chakra.

         Below you will find a little something to help you through those times when bashing others seems to be the only way to get a laugh, or sympathy or somehow prove you are right and are with the ‘in’ group. Happily there is another way to enjoy those times, too.

(reprinted from “Sacred Steps” seen in the column to the left)

Healing your Heart Chakra

Lowering the Walls of Guilt, Fear and Anger

                   Health, a main aspect of the issues attached to the Heart Portal of Power, refers to the wholeness that occurs when you feel one with everyone and everything.  The main stumbling block to health, therefore, will be the walls you place between you and others, between you and the world, between you and God and between you and yourself!  The building blocks which form the foundation of this wall are the emotions of guilt, fear and anger.  Many believe that they experience only one of these emotions at any time and are free from the others.  Not so!  When you feel unworthy (guilt) you fear rejection (fear of punishment) and attempt to redirect the punishment by proving another’s guilt (this coping technique is called anger).  Thus the Deadly Cycle of all three emotions is in play.  By recognizing the full dynamic at work in yourself, you begin the process of lowering your walls and becoming whole once more.

Forgiving Yourself and Others

                   Are you willing to let go of your judgments about others, the world and yourself?  Until you are, you will keep the ramparts around yourself high and strong, removing yourself from healing  However, when you are ready to say to yourself, “Maybe I am wrong, and there is another way of seeing this,”  then the process of forgiveness can begin.  Forgiveness brings a release from pain and does not include self-punishment as an attempt at correction.  When you can humbly remove your stubborn desire to see wrong in others, you will be surprised at how quickly your mind will be filled with a compassion that is both powerful and healing.

                   As you open and cleanse the Heart Portal of Power you are asking to be shown those areas of your life where you have been too stubborn to release judgments.  Now is the time when you can continue to allow real healing to be expressed in and through you by your willingness to be shown anew with open heart and mind.


          Love blesses the progress you are making and the gift of appreciation you give yourself and the world as you lower the barriers to guilt, fear and anger and replace them with the Healing Cycle of innocence, safety and forgiveness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Christmas story for the whole family. . .

        It's almost time for Christmas Eve. Start one more precious family tradition and read out loud from "Pack Rat's Christmas Surprise". (Found in the column to the left) In this lovely story a hard working but poor mother and child in Mexico are given a most blessed gift on Christmas morning from the pack rat who lives nearby. Enjoy the the beginning of this lovely book and for the rest click the book photo to order. 

    Near the ocean in Mexico was a village of farmers. In the village was a small adobe house. In the house lived a mother and her little girl.

    The house had one large room, and in the center of that room was a wooden table with two wooden chairs, one for the mother and one for the little girl. In the center of the table was a very colorful bowl. 

    Every morning, every mid-day and every evening the mother would place a simple meal of fish, or chicken with beans in the bowl. After saying a prayer of thanks, the mother and little girl would then eat from the same bowl. They enjoyed these times together and smiled and laughed a lot.

    Next to the little adobe house grew a large mesquite tree with branches that curved like long arms. Along these branches on the mesquite tree were many sharp thorns. And next to the tree were two saguaro cactus with many small prickly thorns.

    Now, under this mesquite tree, near the prickly cactus lived another family. This family included a mother pack rat and her five baby pack rats. 

    Near the roots of the tree the mother pack rat had built a nest for her babies out of small branches filled with thorns from the large mesquite tree, and clumps of cactus prickly with thorns. Inside this nest the mother pack rat and her babies were very safe and very comfortable. . .  

(what comes next offers a tale of loss, faith, miracles and gratitude, a perfect family 'read' for Christmas)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happiness - a Little Lamb Fable for Thanksgiving

(see Little Lamb's Big Book, the children's version of A Course in Miracle in the left column for more fables, workbook lessons and to do projects )

Little Lamb walked through the mist of the dream. His brothers were waiting for him. They had questions for him to answer. 

    Little Lamb sat in the center of the circle. All his brothers who lived in the forest sat around him and listened. “‘Little Lamb,” called one of the animals, “Tell us about happiness.”
    Little Lamb looked at all his friends and smiled, “First let me ask you what you think happiness is.”
    Gray Squirrel looked at Little Lamb and said, “Happiness is having piles and piles of seeds and nuts. When I have all the seeds and nuts in the world, then I will be happy.”
    “Are you happy now?” asked Little Lamb.
    “No,” said Gray Squirrel. “But I will be when I get all the seeds and nuts in the world.”
    Fat Robin with tears in her eyes said, “I just lost happiness. This past summer all my babies were with me as I helped them grow big and strong. Now they are gone to have their own families and with them went my happiness.”
    “Are you happy now?” asked Little Lamb.
    “No,” said Fat Robin. “When my children were with me I had happiness, but now they are gone and my happiness is gone also.”
    Pack Rat spoke up next. In his arms he held all the odd things he had found that day: a stone, an acorn and a small tin can. “I am happy when I have with me all the things that I find. It took me a long time to find these things. I won’t let anybody take them from me. As long as I have them I am happy.”
    “Are you happy now?” asked Little Lamb.
    “Now I am happy because I have all my things. But I am afraid that I will lose them.” And so Pack Rat sat down clutching his things close to him, frightened that he would lose his happiness.    
Little Lamb looked at his friends and said, “Gray Squirrel is not happy now because he has not found happiness yet. Fat Robin is not happy now because she has just lost happiness. Pack Rat thinks he is happy because he has all his things, but he is frightened that he will lose them. So if he is
frightened, can he really be happy?”
    And Pack Rat said, I guess I am not really happy because I am afraid I will lose those things that I thought were happiness. Tell us, Little Lamb, how we can be happy now.”
    Little Lamb smiled at his brothers and said, “Happiness is not something, or someone, or someplace. Happiness just is, inside you. When you feel God’s love in your heart you feel happy. When you want to share God’s love with all your brothers you feel happy. And when you feel happy inside your happiness shines on everyone you meet. When you feel happy inside no matter who you are with, where you are or what you have, you will be happy because you carry it around with you.”
    “Are you happy now, Gray Squirrel?” asked Little Lamb.
    “Yes, I am happy. It’s not the nuts and seeds will make me happy, only me,” said the squirrel.
    “Are you happy now, Fat Robin?” asked Little Lamb.
    “Yes, I am happy, because I love my children whether they are with me or not,” said Fat Robin.
    “Are you happy now, Pack Rat?” asked Little Lamb.
    “Yes, I am happy, because if I am happy inside myself it doesn’t matter if I have my things or lose my things, I will still be happy.”
                          And as they all sat in the circle,
                   God’s love was in them and around them
                           and they were all very happy.